Campaigning showed him

what is necessary to build an organization, identify issues, and communicate with the public.

During this time he got his private pilot's license and over time a flight instructor's certificate. "Flying has allowed me meet clients at their home base and see their operation first hand."

Flying  also helped in marketing the Colorado Career Information System during the three years he did marketing and training for the project.

As an administrative officer with the Space Environment Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, he furthered his writing and management skills.  An entrepreneur at heart he started an insurance agency in Longmont.  

In   1974  Bill  was   elected

to the Colorado State Legislature where he served three terms focusing on small business concerns, transportation, energy conservation, air pollution and education. He was chaiarman of the Transportation and Energy Committee for four years.

Bill Hilsmeier has 20 years experience in management, public relations, and advertising. While a student at Western Kentucky University where he majored in economics and sociology he wrote copy for a local radio station.  His military service gave him training in meteorology that led to his work in atmospheric diffusion where he published a paper on atmospheric dispersion..




Marketing & Aviation


Fort Collins, Colorado


We help you develop marketing plans, advertising goals, and 

public relation strategies to increase traffic at your airport.. 

Once we have your buy-in, we oversee the implementation of your plans and strategies for accomplishing your goals.

Our consultants evaluate your 

flying market;  pilot needs; 

 FBO design and services and public relations.

The organizaion





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Marketing & Design Services

Hilsmeier Aviation Consultants is an organization that provides marketing and design services for FBO's.



Bill's artistic talents led him to study color and design as well as computerized drafting and design.  He inspires associates to look at the client's needs, operation, and goals from a perspective of efficiency, increased productivity and profitabiity..

Why HILSMEIER Consultants

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  • FBO Design
  • Marketing Plans
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Website Setup
  • ​FAA Compliance


Create enthusiasm for flying, and involve your community in aviation with a marketing and advertising plan. Increase your income and the community's tax revenue.

Unlike the days after WWII flying just does not happen.  People's perception of flying is that it is something others do.  We can change that perception and make your airport a hub of activity.